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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Staying up

Are they going to catch me or not? I will just start at the beginning. It was 5.00 am in the morning and I was awake. As I walked downstairs, I heard the creaks of my footsteps. I was coming downstairs to watch TV, even though I am not allowed to watch Tv until 7.00 am in the morning. As I sit down on the couch I gasped. Are my parents going to catch me or not? As I look around the room I see shadowI trembl. It's like my parents are looking over me. Are they going to catch me or not? If they do they will ground me for a month. It just turned 7:00 and my parents didn't catch me.

I am learning how to use punctuation and brightsparks.
My learning is multistructural because I had used punctuation but I don't know if I had put them in the right spaces.

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