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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 9

This week we have been working on 3 different types of projectiles. The 3 types of projectiles are angle launchers, slingshot rocket and the final one is flipping frogs.

Slingshot rocket
On one of the activities we made slingshot rockets. We made them out of masking tape, paddle pop sticks, elastic bands paddle pop sticks, straws, paper clips, blue tack and cardboard. I found that it went a lot further when you flick your wrist as you fire it, because if you don’t flick your wrist it gets caught in the elastic band.

Angle launchers
So this week and the previous weeks,we have been testing a projectile launcher called the angle launcher. The angle launcher like in its name,it has to have an angle and there is a mini firing stick. The angle launcher go up to 90 degrees as it's max angle which practically means if you put it on 90 degrees it will go straight up. My group has been recording its best length. My group decided that we shouldn't count where it rolls to so we decided that we should just measure where it lands instead. To load it you would have to put the ball in the angle launcher and then there was a stick that you would have to push it in and there was 3 options, the first one was to push it into short distance, the second option was to put it into medium distance and the last option was to put it into long distance. The forces that were acting on it was a push force to load it and a push force to launch the projectile.

Flipping frogs
Another thing we did was making our own frogs powered by elastic potential energy they can be made simply. There is a rubber that builds up elastic potential energy to make the frogs fly in the air. The elastic potential energy builds up by the rubber band stretching. When let go the energy goes onto the cardboard making friction then push force makes the frog fly up.  I wonder why the drag does not make the frog on the ground? Other thoughts, does making the frog smaller make the frog go higher? Does changing the cardboard, rubber band or strength make the frog go higher?

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