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Thursday, 7 September 2017


Ouch!! What was that? A bee? Oh that's annoying. Have you ever been stung by a bee?

People react differently around bees here's one some people flig there hands in the sky and go crazy really really crazy they scream they panic.

Some people can be allergic to bees. Are you allergic to bees?

Or you could just stay still. Then the bee will probile fly away from you and back to another flower.

Here’s 7 facts about bees:
The honeybee has been around for millions of years.
The honeybee's wings go incredibly fast about 200 beats per second making the famous buzzzz.
Honey bees are brilliant flyers. They fly at a speed of 25kms per hour.
Honeybees live in hives and are divided into 3 types- (1) queen bee (2) female worker bees and (3) the males bees- called drones.
A worker bee flies to 1000’s of flowers only to make just ONE spoon of honey. Doesn’t that make you love every drop of honey?
Bees do not have eyelids so they do not sleep the way we do; they simply stop moving and rest.
During winter, when it gets too cold outside, the bees all clump together towards the middle of the beehive surrounding the queen bee. They keep themselves warm by buzzing their wings.

Once me and my papa were talking about how I had never been stung by a bee before. Would you believe it the next five minutes I got stung by a bee.

Bee careful around bees.    

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